“Owe no one anything, except to love one another” Romans 13:8

Paul makes a powerful statement here, in line with the 2nd Commandment given by Jesus to the lawyer in the testimony of the evangelist Matthew (22:34-40). If we have any debt to another it is to love another. This is agape love, the love that desires for the well being of another.

We currently live in a world where there is very little concern for the well being of another, both among non-Christians and Christians. Most of the world has placed self aggrandizement and prosperity above another’s well being and freedom, thus exploitation and injustice is rampant, much of it made in the name of progress. The Christian world should be an enclave standing against such injustice and loss of concern for the well being of another, and we can be if we allow the Spirit of Christ to be the source of that love.