The Guardian in an article “Doesn’t Religion Cause Most of the Conflict in the World?” provides a number of responses from both religious and non-religious voices. There was some very strong similarities between the Islamic and Christian responses. I particularly liked what the Christian responder, Simon Smart, wrote:

When Martin Luther King Jr confronted racism in the white church in the South he called on those churches not to become more secular, but more Christian. King knew that the answer to racism and violence was not less Christianity but a deeper and truer Christianity. King gained his inspiration from the one who said that those who follow him must turn the other cheek, love their enemies and pray for those who persecuted them. His leadership of the civil rights struggle remains a fine example of love triumphing over hate; of costly and courageous resistance of evil and of religiously inspired social action that made the kind of difference that everyone can appreciate.

It is not less Jesus that we need, but more, much more!