I’m wondering aloud this morning. Am I, and many church folk too busy? Are we too busy at church programs to be at the mission of God, in the community in which we live?

Attending two or three meetings a week to plan and discuss plans, am I really attending to the presence of God, and am I in the community pointing out where God is present and at work in lives? Or am I more present to God when I’m working with children, or working at the Outreach Center, or sitting in a coffee shop or McDonald’s, visiting the sick? Am I missing the mission of God for all the busyness?

For those of us who are at various church ministry, are we too busy to attend to God’s presence in where we live, where we work, where we shop, where we bank, where we have our hair cut, where we play?

Are we just too busy anymore to be attendant to the presence of God in the very ordinary of the day?

I am thinking this is the case.