Since the Las Vegas tragic shooting, I have frequently heard pro-gun people say, “Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation. Look at the number of gun deaths they suffer from every year.” Reading it, I wondered to myself, since common sense told me that even if Chicago had the toughest gun laws, it was close enough to other areas, like Indiana and Ohio, for those wishing to have a gun could go and acquire a gun with not restrictions.

In my search, I found this article from the The Chicago Times. I think it is far closer to the truth about guns and Chicago than those of the pro-gun lobbies.

The truth is that once Chicago had tough gun restrictions. But the federal government has forced the city and state to gut it’s laws to the point, it is as easy to acquire a gun in the Chicago area as anywhere else. Besides that, Indiana has such weak laws, within an hour, a person can drive to Indiana, buy a gun with no background check, return to Chicago and commit a crime with that gun.

Something to think about.