For most of us, the 23rd Psalm is about comfort, especially when we need it most. We need such comfort when life’s storm rise against us, and we struggle to bail out the boat with nothing but a spoon.

More importantly, the 23rd Psalm speaks of God, and what God is doing and what should be humankind’s response to Him. God makes it clear early in Scripture that He is a covenant-making God. The primary covenant is that God will be Israel’s God and that they will be God’s people. Thus, God reveals Himself as a God who calls a people to himself. In Christ Jesus, that covenant is transformed to be a covenant with neither Jew nor Gentile, but with all would submit themselves to be with God. Submit ourselves as sheep submit themselves to the Shepherd.

God, in Christ Jesus, the Good Shepherd, fulfills all our basic needs, food, clean water, guidance, safety in trying times, and place with His goodness and where we might dwell forever. In return, He offers us a means to show gratitude through our submission to his will. Through the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, we are reconciled, brought back into the fold, made part of His flock and under his guidance, comfort, and safety. Thanks be to God. Amen.