Recently, very recently, a friend of mine posted a picture on Instagram of a “manna bag.” Or more specifically, a display, at a conference, of manna bags. My interest immediately was piqued by the display. So I went to Google to discover more.

In my research, I discovered these Manna Bags are commonly a gallon plastic bags filled with a variety of items including non-perishable food items. The purpose of these bags are as handouts to homeless people, especially the ones who stand at intersections with their hand-made sign stating “Homeless. Will work for food”. A local one is “Homeless. The Challenge is Real.”

Then, I immediately went about making my own bags, loosely based upon the model I found on line. Then I taught a group of middle schoolers about manna in Exodus 16, which we expanded it Elijah and the widow, to Jesus and feeding 5,000, to Matthew 25, Paul and Barnabas collecting for the saints of Jerusalem, soup kitchens, the Salvation Army, and Rise Against Hunger, the Redland Outreach Center, and elsewhere the local community.

I found considerable joy in this exercise, especially in letting God lead through His work shared by another, to the guidance of the Spirit to receive it in a fruitful way. Thanks be to God.