Because, I fail to appear here very often, it is difficult to imagine the changes we’ve seen here lately.

The past 30 days the house has changed dramatically. It’s filled with moving boxes. That is only prep work for a bigger change. After 14 years in Winchester, Regina, Raini, and I, with our two feline children, are leaving for Fieldale, Virginia.

That, of course, points to another change. I’m leaving Redland Church to pastor the Fieldale and Mount Bethel Cooperative Parish. Change and fresh challenges.

So we will be moving from a single-level house to a multi-level house, from our own house to a church parsonage. Change and fresh challenges.

We are moving from the fastest growing county in Virginia, to a county sunk in poverty and seeking new direction. Change and fresh challenges.

Despite the change and fresh challenges, I’m certain of one thing: God in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is in the mix, and I’ll not only travel with this God, but I’ll give my all to love Him, as well as his people wherever they might be.

Father, I pray that as we take this new journey, I will have the eyes and ears to know your presence where ever we go, and I’ll remain connected to the gospel narrative of salvation offered in the Messiah, my Lord, Jesus, and that I’ll submit to your Spirit at every turn of the path. I give you praise and thanks for all things. Amen.

Feildale and Mount Bethel Cooperative Parish