In response to some comments I saw on Twitter and Facebook after the Nationals win of the World Series. I’m a fan of baseball, and I liked the determination of the Nationals as a team that banded together as a community seeking to win baseball games. But, some of the comments sounded idolatrous to me. So I responded in this way:

I appreciate that a number of the players of the Washington Nationals are professing Christians. I also appreciate that many of MLB teams have professing Christians on the team. I appreciate the witness of the Gospel that they provide to others in the team and the larger community. The humility and generosity in their deeds and speech is refreshing. That said, God does not support one team over another. Nor does He need their victory to add to His glory. His glory is in the sacrifice on the Cross, in the triumph over death through the surrender of Jesus. Humanity’s games can not bring glory to God, no more than human works.