About Rev. Andy Brock

I spent 30 years out of the church, before God tapped me on the shoulder in 1998.

I received my call to lay ministry at Bethel UMC in Woodbridge, VA. Under the tutelage of Rev Fred Parish and many others I learned what ministry is and then God set my heart on fire through the power of the Holy Spirit to love the triune God and grow in discipleship and teaching.

Ten years, later, I received my call to clerical ministry at Market Street UMC in Winchester VA, and it has been confirmed in a variety of ways. That call came for me to give testimony of the love of God through Jesus Christ, to take it to the pulpit proclaiming the Gospel, to live out in my life as continued testimony to a living God – active here and now in the Church – to be present for those who are in crisis, to serve God in witness to community and world, and to participate and lead in a Church fulfilling God’s mission in the world here and now. Today I’m an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. I am also currently studying for a Doctor of Ministry in Contextual Theology at Northern Seminary.

I have recently moved to Fieldale, in Henry Community in south-central Virginia. As of June 26, 2019 I will be serving Fieldale and Mount Bethel Cooperative Parish, after having served previously at Redland United Methodist Church (Frederick County, VA), Greenwood and Montague Ave Charge (Frederick County, VA) and West Loudoun Charge (Loudoun County, VA).

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